Ali Velshi, Facebook & The Whopper

Several weeks ago, I ‘de-friended’ a buttload of famous people on Facebook. I did it for a Whopper. Call me a shameless hussy, but I’ll do anything for a free burger. Right around that time, I read Kate Harding’s piece over at Broadsheet about the loose concept of friendship in the online world. She had […]

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The Market, Math & Money: My New Financial TV Show

I worked in Human Resources and it goes without saying that I have three weaknesses. Understanding the stock market, math, and money. I try to educate myself so I can hang with the cool kids and keep myself out of poverty, and I read a boatload of political and financial blogs so I can understand […]

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Kathy Griffin & Anderson Cooper: Most Brilliant Talent Decision in 2009 [So Far]

I wrote about this, last year, but Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper are a brilliant pair. I’d like to salute the talent director at CNN who made the decision to give Kathy a microphone. It’s an inspired decision — and if we can see more of this innovation in the HR space in 2009, I’d […]

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Rich Sanchez Does It Live [PRHR Heroes]

Oh my god, someone needs to put this to techno music so I can have a new hard core punk rock theme song. Rick Sanchez needs a synthesizer and a good beat! With those two elements, I’m sure he can compete for #1 in my heart — especially with the line, “The Twitter board is […]

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Sneaky Daylighters

CNN published an article called Sneaky ‘daylighters’ risk firing by working extra jobs. Basically, it’s an article about employees with two jobs who try to do both jobs during the day. It’s not moonlighting, suckers. It’s daylighting. Get it? CNN quotes Debbie McGrath from who says, “When you are employed for a firm, 100 […]

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