Punk Rock HR Contest: SHRM Swag Winners

The winners of the Punk Rock HR Advice contest [based on random numbers generated on a website] are Tracy Tran, Lisa Wallace, and Apollo. Unfortunately, Apollo is disqualified because he doesn’t like this contest. I’m giving his box of swag to Bonita Martin who likes chocolate. Please email your address to and I’ll send […]

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You Wanna Go Into HR? [Winner]

The winner of the HR: Career Options contest is Mary Ellen Slayter. She recommends that anyone interested in a career in Human Resources check out a blog post by Lance Haun. That’s awesome advice because Lance’s post is genius. Ms. Slayter, who is a former career advisor with The Washington Post, wins a $25 gift […]

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Flavia Winner: Kirsten ten Brink

Sorry to kill the suspense with the title of the post, but I recognize that you might not want to watch a video where I announce the winner. I haven’t had any coffee, yet, and I should probably change out of my pajamas. [Thanks,, for being an awesome site.]

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I Hate People Winner

Here are the winners — announced in a quick vlog, in a poorly lit room, and while wearing my pajamas. Awesome. Oh, I drop the f-bomb so it’s probably not sufficient for work, yo. Tracy and Sal, please send me your addresses and I’ll mail your books!

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Memorial Day Plans?

What are you doing? Tell me and you could win a prize! We have a gas grill and had plans to make chicken wings until we discovered that finches are living in the grill — with babies. I made Ken buy a little Weber charcoal grill to use until the babies are born and out […]

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