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Punk Rock HR Advice: Career Advice

My internet pal, Mike Haberman, sent out a tweet and asked, “Do you tell your 60 yr old, overweight, non-degreed friend w/cust svc bckgrnd that they may never work again?” No. Here’s what you do. Be kind. Be compassionate. Be a friend. Give your friend all the support and encouragement he needs, but operate as […]

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Obviously, It's Me.

I am a full-time HR blogger and full-time kitty mom. It’s obvious that I live a peaceful and charmed life. I blog about workforce issues without having a real job. I spend more money on catnip than I do on regular food. I can’t remember the last time I got truly angry about something in […]

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Customer Service Training: UR DOIN IT RIGHT

I’m a big advocate of recognizing and rewarding people who do great work. If you go above & beyond my expectations, I will heap copious amounts of praise upon you — and I’ll try to reward you in a fun and awesome way. Recently, I had an experience with someone who totally made my life […]

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You Are Not A Rocket Scientist, Gen Y Kid At Walgreens

I love Walgreens almost as much as I love Target, Sephora, Duane Reade, and Ulta. There are times when I’ll wait for my prescriptions and wander the aisles in search of crazy denture cream and Epsom salts. I never walk out of there without eye shadow or lip gloss. I always find reasons to browse […]

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Open Letter to Bath & Body Works

Dear Bath & Body Works, I am a woman who loves to impulse shop & spend lots of money on beauty products. Unfortunately, I didn’t spend a single dime in your store over the holiday season because I absolutely hate your customer service. I’m trying to buy beauty products, not a used car, and I […]

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