Neurodiversity & The Workforce (Asperger's)

I have several family members who have autism. It’s a weird disease that encapsulates a spectrum of symptoms and behaviors. Some of those family members can function with the help of drugs, therapy, and the benefit of being born upper-middle-class. Others weren’t so lucky and struggle to stay afloat in a world that doesn’t make […]

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HR & Vegas: Are You Talking to Me, Punk?

Dudes, here is some punk rock advice: When a taxi driver in Las Vegas asks if you have political connections, the best answer to give is no. To make a long story short, I left a taxi and told the driver, “You really ought to stop bothering your customers and call your Congressman if you’re […]

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Diversity Committees & Human Resources

I wonder how many HR pros have been on diversity committees? I wonder how many of those committees didn’t have any diversity — or were represented by one woman or one person of color? My Punk Rock HR Rule of thumb? If you need a committee to accomplish diversity, UR DOIN IT WRONG. more cat […]

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Diversity & Inclusion: FAIL

Just when you think that corporate leaders are too politically correct* and CEOs have caved into feminist lefty pressure in an attempt to placate the vocal lesbians and minorities in your organization*, the former CEO of Halliburton shows us that few people in positions of leadership take diversity & inclusion very seriously. Also, here’s an […]

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Global Sensitivity Training: FAIL

My brother-in-law, MD, is a consultant, a global traveler, and one of the most culturally sensitive guys I know. When MD travels to another country, he plans for his trip like a research assistant who attends a highly prestigious and competitive graduate program. MD performs his due diligence to ensure that his behaviors, his words, […]

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