What the Hell is an SPHR?

Eleven years ago, my boss told me to get my SPHR. I was twenty-six and had worked in HR for six years but I was having trouble being taken seriously as a HR leader. Uhm, that’s because I was twenty-six. But it also didn’t help that I was working with brilliant people who eventually orchestrated […]

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There Has Always Been A Job Skills Gap

There has always been a skills gap in the modern workforce. Yes, there are universities that educate scientists, chemists and engineers. There are industries where training is absolutely required before you go to work. But most of us come to work knowing very little. The majority of us have had extensive on-the-job-training. People are not […]

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Who Owns Your Twitter Account? #phonedog #2.50

Lots of coverage regarding the dispute between Noah Kravitz and his former employer Phonedog.com. Noah used his Twitter account for work and left the company with a ton of Twitter followers. Phonedog.com worked out a stupid, post-employment deal where they leased Noah’s Twitter account. And of course it didn’t work out. Not that anyone asked […]

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2011 Failures: #3

Last year I wrote about my accomplishments, failures, regrets, resolutions, and predictions… …and I regret that series because it was totally boring. And this year, I can’t write about my accomplishments because I coasted through much of the year and tried to adjust to a new job as a HR marketing chick while managing a […]

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Your Worst Job?

It’s Friday, so I want to know — what was your worst job? My worst job was working for Big John’s Hot Dogs and Beef Express in Palatine, Illinois. I worked there for six months in 1991 — as a cashier — but I was often asked to work in the back and assemble hot […]

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