Oh Yeah: I'm Speaking at Google on Monday the 15th

Some of you know that I’ll be speaking at Google on Monday. I’m moderating a session about recruiting, ubiquity, and authenticity. Ken asked, “What the hell does that mean?” I told him that it means presence and voice. If you can’t be everywhere on the internet, how do you use your own voice and opinions—along […]

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Punk Rock HR Vlog: More ERE

I took a nap and I’m headed back to the convention center. Here’s me — in my hotel room — just gushing over how nice everyone is at ERE Expo. Here’s one thing I want you to know: there are so many fantastic women in attendance. Smart, savvy, and generous women who are thoughtful & […]

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ERE Expo Update #3: Pictures

Here are some pix of my first day in San Diego. I stumbled (quite literally) into a classic car dealership and considered buying a 1975 Mini that was super-cute. ERE Expo 1 The conference starts in earnest on Tuesday so I’ll keep you posted with the details.

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Recruiting Blogs Has a Site Redesign, Too

I love a world where HR professionals and recruiters have choices — free resources and opportunities to learn from the best. I just told you about ERE’s new beta community. How about checking out Recruiting Blogs, too? It is a leading social network for the recruiting community. Recruiting Blogs launched a cleaner, faster, more awesomer […]

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ERE Launches New Beta Site: What Do You Think?

One of my dearest HR friends recently sent me an email and asked, “What’s ERE?” Basically, ERE is a site where recruiters come together to network and learn. “Can HR people join or is it just for recruiters?” she asked. I had a simple response — HR people should absolutely join. Most of us are […]

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