Stop Using the Word Stalker

I just had a very honest conversation with an HR professional. I told her to stop using the word ‘stalker’ to describe aggressive job seekers. That’s not fair. These are tough times. Then there was a weird trend on Twitter, last week. The hashtag was #thingsstalkersdo. It’s funny how most of us are stalkers at […]

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Please Don’t Call Me Beautiful

The internet is so dumb. Beyond dumb. Last week, this guy started following me on Twitter. I followed him back. He sent me a direct message and asked if he could republish my material on his blog and give me 100% credit. And then called me beautiful. I tried to respond to him but it […]

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2011 Failures: #2

I’m not someone who is addicted to many drugs. I take allergy medication and a pill for my Rosacea. When I’m feeling crazy, I take an ibuprofen. But I do have a prescription for Ambien and it’s my 100% required drug for international travel. A few months ago, I went to Manchester. I had a […]

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Punk Rock HR: Facebook Fan Page

Since I’m speaking at a social recruiting event, I am trying to practice better social media and brand management. So here goes: Punk Rock HR has a fan page on Facebook. You can be my friend, of course, or you can skip the whole ‘friend thing’ and simply add yourself as a fan of Punk […]

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Monday Morning HR Humor: Marvin Pratt

I was introducted to the genius of Marvin Pratt, a marketing specialist in Austin, and I am hooked. Marvin is a cat lover — and he is also witty, clever, and absolutely creative. If you haven’t seen his videos on unemployment, and you don’t know his scale of Springfields, then get thee to Facebook. Looking […]

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