HR Advice, Family & Holidays

If your life is anything like mine, your extended family will come together over the holidays and someone will drink too much light beer, eat too many cookies, and start complaining about his job. It’s probably your cousin — the guy who wears a baseball hat to every family event. He will get all sentimental […]

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Carolyn Turns 24

Today is my sister’s birthday. Her name is Carolyn, and she is a hellraiser. (Obviously — we’re related.) My sister is now 24. She is dreamy & sentimental. She likes puppies, romantic comedies, and Hanson. When she was a little girl, she had ringlets like Shirley Temple. She also had these perfect, baby, jumbo, “pork […]

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Bereavement Leave

My father-in-law, Walter Ruettimann, passed away, this morning. He was in his 70s and was feeling much better after a recent dip in his health. Unfortunately, Walter was doing some work around the house and fell off a ladder. He died from injuries sustained from the fall. I wrote about Walter when The Happy Employee […]

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