You're Too Fat To Work

Can someone be too fat to qualify for a job? That’s the case being made against Dr. Regina Benjamin, the nominee for surgeon general. Is being thin a bona fide occupational qualification for surgeon general? Is it a bona fide occupational qualification for any job? We talk about racism, sexism, and ageism in the workforce […]

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Upcoming PRHR Holiday: National Walk@Lunch Day

Dudes, it’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Even though I blogged against National Walk at Lunch Day in 2008, I didn’t kill the movement. In fact, I may have made it stronger because it’s right around the corner. Forget my passive resistance against corporate wellness programs. This is war. I would like to gear up for the event by […]

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Work, Obesity, and Common Employment Myths

Let’s talk wellness. You have read my rants against paternalistic corporations who implement ineffective and wasteful ‘wellness programs’ in an attempt to reduce employee-related health care costs. You have responded (both privately and in the comments section) by telling me that fat employees are the cause of skyrocketing health insurance premiums, have more ‘missed work’ […]

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Hide the Doritos! Here Comes HR!

Has anyone seen this article in Business Week? HR types swarmed the New York Marriott Marquis hotel in February to learn how to implement lean-worker campaigns, biggest-loser contests, and strategic-eating seminars. During breaks over yogurt and fruit, the attendees swapped war stories about how overweight workers eat up health-care dollars. As one executive from a […]

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Total Media Domination

Kate’s done it, again, with another story on her BMI Project via Reuters. I’ve done it, too! I’m picture number six of sixteen. That’s totally going on my resume. Also, here’s a picture of my overweight body from a party, this weekend. That’s me with a new sweater dress – size four and a little […]

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