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More HR Blogosphere Drama: UR So Crazy

Did you hear about a Gen Y Blogger on Brazen Careerist who touted her undergraduate degree in psychology and diagnosed her colleagues at work with mental illnesses? Yup, this Gen Y blogger called one of her co-workers bipolar and diagnosed the others with a bevy of mental disorders. Holy crap, dudes. That really happened. Breanne […]

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John Edwards and Human Resources

Questions: In a performance-driven society, should we care about the personal lives of our politicians and corporate leaders? If we hold our leaders to extraordinary moral standards, will we turn off a younger generation of talented kids? Will Gen Y ‘opt out’ of leading for fear of being scrutinized? As HR Pros, do we want […]

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Generational Warfare Part 2: Paul Anka

Punk Rock HR readers had a spirited discussion about Jeff Gordinier‘s book, a few weeks ago. We discussed whether or not Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials approach employment (& life) in different ways. The conversation took on a life of its own and moved forward on other awesome blogs. My opinion on the validity […]

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom, from your first born (& most awesome) child. Remember the good old days when it was just you & me? We listened to the radio and watched Beatles cartoons on Channel 32 before it was FOX. You gave me pretzels because that’s all I would eat. I gave you trouble. Those. were. […]

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