Interviews, Unemployment, and The Cloud

A question from CF. I’ve googled myself just to see what comes up. Nothing deleterious. Which websites do HR people visit in order to check you out, so to speak? In my opinion, Human Resources shouldn’t be checking anyone out via Google or any other website. I’ve said this before: a little knowledge is a […]

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Googleplex: What's It Like?

The most common question I’ve been asked about the Social Recruiting Summit has nothing to do with recruiting. People ask, “What was the Googleplex like?” Unfortunately, I didn’t see much of the campus. There was a tour, but I skipped it. I worked in Human Resources for twelve years—and if you’ve seen one cube farm, […]

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Today @ Les Googles

The good news about today’s presentation at The Social Recruiting Summit. I think it went well. We talked about our online voices, communities, and how to speak like a real person and not a HR or Recruiting flack. I learned about Flock. The audience really participated. Seriously. It was awesome. Not so good. I was […]

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Public Speaking Flubs

My inbox is flooded with unsolicited advice on public speaking. Now that I’m speaking at the Googles, people want to send me tips and tricks. I wonder—what’s your most embarassing public speaking flub? I want to know what you did wrong and how I can avoid doing it!

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Oh Yeah: I'm Speaking at Google on Monday the 15th

Some of you know that I’ll be speaking at Google on Monday. I’m moderating a session about recruiting, ubiquity, and authenticity. Ken asked, “What the hell does that mean?” I told him that it means presence and voice. If you can’t be everywhere on the internet, how do you use your own voice and opinions—along […]

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