Punk Rock HR Secrets for 2009

Just off the top of my head, here are things you need to know about Human Resources in order get ahead in 2009. Start believing the grapevine because it often reflects the writing on the wall. Gossip — because your career depends on it. Stop telling us about your grandchildren. We fire old people [and […]

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Do This Don't: Talk Politics At Work

Go ahead, Suckers. Test the waters and talk about politics at work. Sure, your employer may forbid it. Your co-workers might disagree with you. You might get irritated and annoyed with colleagues. So what? I say that leaving politics out of the workforce makes life boring. I would rather talk about the differences between Barack […]

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When Worlds Collide: Work/Life Balance

Is this you? Do you ever bump into co-workers at the grocery store and find yourself lapsing into work-talk? Do you check your work email after dinner with the family? When the phone rings, is your impulse to answer it by saying your first name and your department? Do you attend your kid’s soccer game […]

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