Holiday! Celebrate!

It appears that Punk Rock HR readers are taking real vacations and spending time with their real families during the holiday season. Since readership is lacking, I’ll get back to real posts on Monday. In the meantime, why don’t we put away all this talk about changing Human Resources and dance with Madonna on Solid […]

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Punk Rock HR Vlog: Compensation Cycle & Empathy

I am honored to tell you that Parry Grip gave me permission to use his song over my opening credits, but now I need to write my SMART goals and learn some editing skills in 2009. Also, although I believe in the 90 second vlog rule, this one is a little longer. I blame the […]

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Thank You Notes & Human Resources

As a Human Resources professional, I don’t expect a thank you note after an interview. Here’s a punk rock HR tip: Sending a thank you note has no bearing on whether or not you get a job. If you feel compelled to follow-up on our interview, please save a tree and send an email. I […]

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