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It's America. Everyone Gets Free Coffee.

My Starbucks gave everyone free coffee, today. No proof of voting. Here’s why: Starbucks vote promo gets decaffeinated :: Posted: Tuesday, November 04, 2008 3:36 PM by Carrie Dann Filed Under: 2008, Pete Williams, Making Your Vote Count Starbucks, which announced in an ad on “Saturday Night Live” that it would give a free coffee […]

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Election Day Should Be A National Holiday

I believe that our Federal Election Day should be a national holiday. Hear me out. It is tremendously important to vote, but many well-intentioned employers don’t have the patience or the latitude to allow employees to spend six hours in a polling line. It becomes expensive and cumbersome to encourage employees to vote — even […]

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Feminism, Work, & Enjoli

There’s a ton of chatter on the conservative blogosphere about Sarah Palin as the new face of feminism. I’ve heard the argument made in a very simple way. Palin is a mother, a wife, and she holds down a job as Governor of Alaska. Sarah Palin is viewed as an uncompromising conservative feminist because she […]

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