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Kathy Griffin & Anderson Cooper: Most Brilliant Talent Decision in 2009 [So Far]

I wrote about this, last year, but Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper are a brilliant pair. I’d like to salute the talent director at CNN who made the decision to give Kathy a microphone. It’s an inspired decision — and if we can see more of this innovation in the HR space in 2009, I’d […]

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Anderson Cooper & Kathy Griffin: Best TV in 2008 (So Far)

Happy 2008, Suckers! Did anyone catch Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin from Times Square? Oh my god, it was amazing television and brilliant casting. Someone knows talent management at CNN. Kathy and Anderson, whom Kathy lovingly referred to as “Andy,” went back & forth with competitive one-liners and vaudevillian zingers. What can I say? The […]

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Life Is Freaking My Sh*t Out

I’m currently freaking out & applying for every single Human Resources job I can find… …so in the meanwhile, please enjoy this lovely little diddy from Kathy Griffin. PS – God, that Bill Donahue is such a douche.

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Kathy Griffin, My Hero, Wins An Emmy

Kathy Griffin‘s acceptance speech at the Emmy Awards will be censored. Kathy didn’t take long to slip into red carpet mode after the announcement with what will go down as one of the best quotes in Emmy history, “Can you believe this shit? Hell has frozen over. Suck it, Jesus, this award is my god […]

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