I Don't Care About You

Puf is talking about the future of HR, this week, so I want to contribute my thoughts on Human Resources as it exists today. The more I know about you as a person, the less effective I am at my job in HR. That feels about right for HR, doesn’t it?

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PRHR Contest: SHRM & Greater Than Yourself

Gary Rubin is SHRM‘s Chief E Media and Publishing Officer. He wrote, “Working on SHRM’s social networking platform. What do you think are the most important features for us to include?” That’s such a big question, but I want to know — What would make you want to visit SHRM’s social networking site every day […]

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Sophie's Choice: Your Job

You have two choices. Earn 2x your salary but have a horrible boss who undermines you on a daily basis. Earn half of your salary but have a supportive, honest, wonderful boss who wants you to grow — and gives you opportunities to learn. What’s your choice? Why? [Give. Me. The. Money.]

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Luxury Pens & HR

I once worked for a VP of HR who told me that really great leaders have expensive pens. If you ever work for someone who says something like that, run. Run as fast as you can. Side note: who the hell uses a pen, anymore?

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Leadership Carnival #3: Palin Style

The Leadership & Development Carnival is up @ Great Leadership by Dan, and there’s a lovely twist on Sarah Palin’s sudden rise to prominence on the American political scene. Is she ready to lead? Can we trust her as McCain’s VP? She will be ready to ascend to the presidency if she follows the links […]

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