Stop Using the Word Stalker

I just had a very honest conversation with an HR professional. I told her to stop using the word ‘stalker’ to describe aggressive job seekers. That’s not fair. These are tough times. Then there was a weird trend on Twitter, last week. The hashtag was #thingsstalkersdo. It’s funny how most of us are stalkers at […]

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Holiday! Celebrate!

It appears that Punk Rock HR readers are taking real vacations and spending time with their real families during the holiday season. Since readership is lacking, I’ll get back to real posts on Monday. In the meantime, why don’t we put away all this talk about changing Human Resources and dance with Madonna on Solid […]

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Role Playing @ Work: Madonna

Let’s role play. Your name is Madonna. You’re almost 50. You still have an eating disorder and body image issues. Go! I hate to admit it, but I want my full-time job to be exercising on a pilates reformer machine, dance classes, and JT. (You can keep Timbaland.)

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My Corporate Dreams Circa 1989

When I was a kid, I thought that the pinnacle of success would be working in an office where I would be a ballsy chick who wears navy blue suits and a bustier. Like Madonna in this video. My job would be located in an art deco building where I work with good-looking guys and […]

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