Labor Day Speeches

I was listening to POTUS, this morning, and heard a series of Labor Day speeches from presidents and politicians. Bill Clinton spoke to an audience at the Alameda Labor Day Picnic in Pleasanton, CA, in 1995. Here is an excerpt of what he said. This crazy idea that by convincing hard working middle class people […]

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Dreams of Human Resources

Many of you know that I still dream about work even thought I haven’t held a traditional job in nearly two years. Last night, I dreamt that I was giving a big speech at work but no one was listening. The louder I talked, the more the audience laughed and disregarded my presence. I was […]

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New Auto Plan: What Do You Think?

President Obama announced a new auto plan. Is the auto industry too big to fail? Is this too much for the workers and citizens in Michigan and other Midwestern states? What does this mean for the labor movement, EFCA, and the relationship between labor and Obama? The toughest decisions are the most unpopular ones. No […]

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Monday Morning HR Humor: Obamicon

Do you want change you can believe in? This is Simon — a very cute kitty who belongs to a very awesome pal of mine. You can make your own Obamicon here. [Have fun. Spend all day doing this and ignore your clients.]

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Presidential Succession Planning: Biden

Dudz, I know the world of Joe Biden. I’m a big of a bloviator, I like to talk, and I say the dumbest things at the worst moments. I can’t stay on message because the only message I’m concerned about is my own. In that way, Biden is my kind of guy. He is pro-labor, […]

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