Punk Rock HR Recession Watch: Toilet Paper

I grew up in a family that always used single-ply, unbranded toilet paper. The coarser, the better. When I graduated from college, I made a serious promise to myself: I would always purchase the best & softest toilet paper that money could buy. This commitment wasn’t a big deal since I pooped at work.  If […]

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GYST: The Sequel

I had an interesting discussion with The Boss of One and Jesse Palmer. We talked about stress, marriages, and the awful economy. Do marriages fail because of a crappy economy? Does a bad economy further aggravate the stress fractures in an already failing marriage? Do people lose their shit more frequently — and suffer from […]

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We've Lost 3.6 Million Jobs [Picture]

This is an image from Nancy Pelosi’s website that compares the job loss in this recession to the job losses in the 1990-1991 recession and the 2001 recession. [It’s all over the internet, tonight.] You can tell me that we don’t need money in the stimulus package that includes free contraception, but I’ll tell you […]

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Unemployment & Hunger

The economic crisis is hitting the average family in the belly. Food pantries are under pressure, more Americans are on food stamps, and many of us are choosing fast food — instead of healthy food — because we can’t afford to eat right. Most Human Resources professionals are interviewing candidates on a regular basis. I […]

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Your Name is Luka & You Live On The Second Floor

Since we’re on an 80s theme, I wanted to do two things. I want you to have this song stuck in your head — because it’s in mine. I know it’s about a boy, but this song always reminds me of violence against women. I want you to weigh in on this subject: have you […]

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