F@%k It Friday: Bucket List

Most of you know that I’m back from Rome. Lots of people keep saying, “Wow, that’s a bucket list item for me!” Maybe I’m an asshole but I don’t have a bucket list. I just keep my expectations low and pretty much do what I want to do. Rome? Sure. Get another cat? Okay. Whatever. […]

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HR Ladies Don’t Use Bidets

I don’t consider myself to be an uptight American HR lady — but as I write this, I realize that there are dozens of men out there who are saying to themselves, “Oh no. She’s super-uptight and weird.” Fine. Okay. I am uptight and weird. Possibly frigid. And I’m a thirty-seven year old woman who […]

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The Week Ahead

Hey dudes. I’m back from Roma and ready to blog about Human Resources and work and stuff. Just kidding. FML. I’m still a Human Resources blogger. Sheesh. But I had a great trip. More pictures and stories to follow but I am totes jet-lagged and way behind on my email and messages. If I owe […]

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