It's A New Car!

I voted for Mitt Romney. I pulled up to the election precinct and saw nothing but pro-life bumper stickers and gun racks on pickup trucks. If I’m going to cause mischief, it will be for the opposing team. Also, I wanted to vote for the man who a) most likely to host a game show […]

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Tomorrow is Election Day

Tomorrow is election day in Michigan, although it doesn’t mean a goddamn thing because the DNC stripped Michigan of its national delegates and the RNC stripped Michigan of 50% of its delegates. So here are my options: I could decline to vote. I could vote for HRC, Kucinich, Gravel, or Dodd — and I like […]

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Huckabee Doesn't Like Dogs

This is an honest-to-southern-baby-jesus photo of an old Huckabee Christmas Card, given to me by my super-secret source. Good god. I’m not above making fun of Huckabee’s appearance, but it’s almost too easy. The stripes? The light denim? The elbow patch? I don’t care if this picture is a few years old. Fashion is fashion. […]

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Young Turks & More Mitt Stuff

I love The Young Turks. The worst thing about being unemployed is that I don’t wake up early, these days, and I miss the live broadcast. I also miss my weekly business trips. Watch the video to see Cenk Uygur say what I’m not skilled enough to write.

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