Sunday HR Shout Out: Cali & Jody

My previous Sunday HR Shout Out was so popular that I’ve decided to make it a weekly feature. This week’s shout-out is to Cali & Jody. These women are great writers and successful professionals who are deconstructing the nature of the forty-hour work week. Moreover, Cali and Jody are animal lovers! They donated a copy […]

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Punk Rock HR Question: Team Building

Hi there, I work at a financial services firm filled with non-cheerleaders and overly-busy cynics (like myself). I feel we need to do something to bring us all together a bit more

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What I'm Reading: HR Edition

My tummy is sore, I’m not happy with the dude who cut my grass while I was out of town, and American Airlines lost my luggage. On the plus side, I bought a new house (thus doubling my vast real estate empire) — and there are good ‘HR bloggy posts’ out there. Human Markets asks […]

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