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Monday Morning HR Humor: Late Night TV

It’s not enough to talk politics at the office. We have to talk about late night talk show hosts, too. I’m old enough to have watched Johnny Carson, and I remember how poorly NBC treated David Letterman in 1993. Now that Jay Leno is nearing the end of his contract, NBC is giving him the […]

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Another HR Primer: The Financial Sky is Falling

I work in Human Resources because my career options are limited. I don’t know anything about math, science, or money. If I had the ability to make big money on eTrade with my blackberry, you can be damn sure that I wouldn’t be organizing your team-building event. With very little knowledge of the financial industry, […]

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Feminism, Work, & Enjoli

There’s a ton of chatter on the conservative blogosphere about Sarah Palin as the new face of feminism. I’ve heard the argument made in a very simple way. Palin is a mother, a wife, and she holds down a job as Governor of Alaska. Sarah Palin is viewed as an uncompromising conservative feminist because she […]

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Leadership Carnival #3: Palin Style

The Leadership & Development Carnival is up @ Great Leadership by Dan, and there’s a lovely twist on Sarah Palin’s sudden rise to prominence on the American political scene. Is she ready to lead? Can we trust her as McCain’s VP? She will be ready to ascend to the presidency if she follows the links […]

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Sarah Palin: Hair, Gravitas, and HR

Dudes, lots of talk on the blogosphere about Sarah Palin’s hair at the RNC convention. The half-updo. The highlights. The shine. I wonder — what does hair have to do with your job? Do you feel like you have to wear your hair a certain way to be successful at the office? Think about the […]

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