seth godin

The Week Ahead

Happy Sunday, everyone! Did you have a good week? I know you have snow. Are you going back to work on Monday? I had a crazy travel schedule, last week. I did manage to eek out a game of charades with my coworkers and have a great time down in Texas. And today is Lizzie […]

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Punk Rock HR Question 25: Do I Need A Resume?

Dear Punk Rock HR: What do you think about this? Love, obviously a Cog in a Giant Machine * Dear Cog, Seth Godin writes, “Great jobs, world class jobs, jobs people kill for… those jobs don’t get filled by people emailing in resumes. Ever.” He is right… …but you will never have a great, world […]

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New Job: HR Manager for George Clooney

He needs one, right? You could also refer to me as a Talent Manager. That would be fine, too. I wouldn’t let the title get in the way of my job. The job of being George Clooney’s top strategist. Night & day. Anytime. I’m dedicated to the mission and vision of George Clooney.

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Toxic Employees

Seth Godin’s post on toxic employees reminds me of a job I had very early in my illustrious HR career. I accepted a recruiting role that had been vacated by a woman who took on the recruiting role when it was previously vacated by another woman. No one lasted more than 12 months in that […]

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