F@%k It Friday: Starbucks

Oh my gawd, y’all. Starbucks posted strong third quarter results but still managed to raise its prices. This is insanity. How do they expect the jobless and underemployed workers of America to pay fifteen cents extra for a complex cup of coffee? I like triple grande mochas because I’m a sucker, I guess. What do […]

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It's America. Everyone Gets Free Coffee.

My Starbucks gave everyone free coffee, today. No proof of voting. Here’s why: Starbucks vote promo gets decaffeinated :: Posted: Tuesday, November 04, 2008 3:36 PM by Carrie Dann Filed Under: 2008, Pete Williams, Making Your Vote Count Starbucks, which announced in an ad on “Saturday Night Live” that it would give a free coffee […]

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First Google, Now Starbucks!

My town hosted a local anti-Starbucks protesters, this weekend. There were banners, large signs, and a “beat the cup of coffee” pinata — all because Starbucks is allegedly firing employees who want to unionize. I’m pro-union, but I have a difficult time defending the unionization efforts of a group of employees who are offered great […]

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I'm Busy

I forgot my wallet, today, and apparently Starbucks only takes money — not warm wishes & flirty smiles. Who knew? So I turned my car around, drove home, and drove back to Starbucks. This whole endeavor took forty-five minutes, but it didn’t matter because this is how I kill time during the day when I’m […]

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Total Media Domination

Kate’s done it, again, with another story on her BMI Project via Reuters. I’ve done it, too! I’m picture number six of sixteen. That’s totally going on my resume. Also, here’s a picture of my overweight body from a party, this weekend. That’s me with a new sweater dress – size four and a little […]

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