Universal Travel Rules

I travel like a crazy woman, and I want to make the airport a better place. The biggest problems with American airports nothing to do with facilities and everything to do with behaviors, so I’m tweeting the Punk Rock HR universal travel rules®. Here are some examples. Two carry-ons means TWO carry-ons. If it takes […]

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Travel Update: HR Tech

It’s confirmed, yo. I will be attending the HR Technology Conference in Chicago as a blogger and a newbie. My good friend, Kris Dunn, is speaking. It should be a fun and interesting trip. I know travel and training budgets are tight, so if you’re interested in attending, click here. You can use the case […]

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Punk Rock HR Roadtrips!

Good grief, people, life is so weird. One day I am laying off employees in random cities around the world and drinking myself to sleep in strange hotel rooms, and the next day I am writing Punk Rock HR, working on a manuscript, and receiving supportive email messages about Whoppers. What a life. I’m the […]

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Business Travel: I'M DOIN IT WRONG

I’m weirdly germaphobic when it comes to hotel rooms. I assume the worst. I prepare myself to be grossed out on every business trip. I have important questions. If the grossest part of a hotel room is the remote control, what does that say about the toilet? I wear flip flops in hotel rooms and […]

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What Do You Do?

I’m in a hotel room in North Carolina and I’m not thinking about HR, I’m not at the bar, and there is no hotel spa. Also, this late-breaking development: I’m at a loss for words when people ask me what I do for a living. Whatever I’m doing, I’m doing it weird.

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