Balloon Boy, TV, and Unemployed Fathers

I am obsessed with the story of the Balloon Boy, or rather, the story of a grown man who [allegedly] fakes an emergency and convinces a nation that his son is aloft in a balloon over the skies of Colorado. I watched the entire event live on CNN because I am a typical American who […]

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Meaninful Work, Purpose, and Skill

I think most career advisers get meaning and purpose confused. Here’s what I think. You want meaningful work? Find your purpose. Purpose involves passion, to some extent, but I think it involves skill. I am not passionate about Human Resources, but I’m good at my job. I have some skills. I think my purpose in […]

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5 Ways To Get A Job

I’m going to throw up if I read another Top 5 Tips to Help You Get a Job article. Most authors and pundits fail to concede that the job market is smaller, there are fewer opportunities out there, and you probably won’t get a job from following career tips on the internet. That being said, […]

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Going Back to School at 47: Should I Consider HR?

Beth asks, I am going back to complete my BA or BS degree and am seriously considering HR. At my age of 47 (but attractive, fit and look much younger thankfully) are any companies hiring without prior experience with just a degree? If the answer is NO…where can I get some experience w/o wasting valuable […]

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Betting on the Future of Employment and Career Blogging

I am placing a wager on the future of the American worker.  I believe that power will shift, companies will come to understand the value of the labor, and you will have every opportunity to work for [and demand] the compensation & benefits you deserve. Unfortunately, the future is not here. Not yet, anyway. It’s […]

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