Upcoming PRHR Holiday: National Walk@Lunch Day

Dudes, it’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Even though I blogged against National Walk at Lunch Day in 2008, I didn’t kill the movement. In fact, I may have made it stronger because it’s right around the corner. Forget my passive resistance against corporate wellness programs. This is war. I would like to gear up for the event by […]

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Corporate Wellness Rant

My latest rant against Corporate Wellness programs is up at The Conference Board Review. Here’s a new way to burn some calories. Put down the Snickers bar. Wipe the grease off your chubby fingers. Get your fat butt over there and read it.

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More on Wellness Programs: I Still Hate Them

I was approached by Jon Singer who wanted me to share the following: Thanks for spreading the world about Capitalize on Wellness, a lunch and learn event on January 15, 2009 where individuals can learn how to reduce costs and increase productivity while supporting a worthy cause. The fee for this program is a $30 […]

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HR, Jung, and My Fitness Center

I joined a new fitness center in Raleigh — despite my aversion to wellness programs — and the corporate pressures of up-selling are foisted upon me from the very moment I walk through the door. If someone isn’t trying to sell

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Health Insurance, Benefits & The Marketplace [Opinions]

I am conducting an informal poll, yo. What do you think of private v. nationalized health insurance? My position: Money corrupts the healthcare system. There is no space for a profit when it comes to health initiatives. The position of several friends and family members: Money will save healthcare. Put health initiatives in the marketplace […]

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