There Has Always Been A Job Skills Gap

There has always been a skills gap in the modern workforce. Yes, there are universities that educate scientists, chemists and engineers. There are industries where training is absolutely required before you go to work. But most of us come to work knowing very little. The majority of us have had extensive on-the-job-training. People are not […]

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Our Future Employment Base

Holy hell. I keep watching this & adding reactions: It takes a lot to make Mario Lopez look sharp. Does she say OSAMA in the beginning? Towards the end, you know she’s thinking, “Yeah, nailed it.” I blame her parents.

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I'm Going to Sue My Boss

I love this article from the LA Times. Read the article to learn about pending legislation that will protect employees from offensive, intimidating, or oppressive work environments. You need this legislation, sweetheart, because there isn’t much recourse against assholes in the work environment — unless the asshole in question tries to have sex with you, […]

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Shut Up and Sing, Tim McGraw

You think your job is tough? So does Tim McGraw. (Let me pull out the world’s tiniest fiddle and banjo — to be accompanied by Nelly, of course.) Stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before, but the worst kind of celebrities are the ones who whine. Celebrities have one job: to […]

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Teens Seek New Luxury Items for Back-to-School Wardrobes

Do you remember the days when a Trapper Keeper was a luxury item? …when beepers were reserved for drug dealers and doctors? …when parents created a back-to-school budget that didn’t include and handbag by Marc Jacobs? Parents, I encourage you to think about why you’re working 70 hours/week at a job you hate and for […]

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