Take Back HR


It occurred to me that 90% of my friends who work in Human Resources are looking for jobs.

  • Could it be that all of my friends are nonperforming HR slackers?
  • Has Corporate America been too focused on retaining the best & the brightest employees everywhere else except the HR department?
  • Is this a case of the grass is always greener at the other company? I’m asking a simple question: are most HR jobs shitty by default?

If we can bring sexy back to HR, can we bring back respectability to our jobs? Can we be proud of our careers? Can we work in an environment free of nonsense and bureaucracy?

I think we can — but we’ll need to start from the beginning.

Are you a Human Resources pro who is looking for a job?

  • Why are you looking?
  • What sources are a waste of time?
  • What kinds of HR jobs will you not accept?

We’re not victims, yo. We need to take back our jobs — like many of us who have marched to take back the night!


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