Team Building Is For Suckers


I’ve been fleshing out the outline for my management book. The working title is Team Building Is For Suckers.

I told someone about the book and he asked, “It’s supposed to be funny, right?”

Yes — but that question worries me. Wouldn’t you just hear about the title and rush out to the bookstore? Couldn’t you imagine Robert Siegel introducing this book for a light-hearted, drive-time segment on All Things Considered?!

Hey, anything is possible. This is my summer of dreams.

Most people ask about the thesis of the book. What’s my elevator speech? My pitch? My powerful, one-sentence statement of reality?

I don’t have one, yet. I’m still working on the subtitle for my book.

  • Team Building Is For Suckers: A Punk Rock Guide to Corporate America
  • Team Building is For Suckers: What HR Isn’t Telling You
  • Team Building is For Suckers: The 100 Things You Need To Know About Getting Ahead in Corporate America

I still have some work to do.

While thinking about the subtitle, I began structuring the chapters around the fundamental competencies needed for leadership. In the middle of that exercise, I strayed from my theme and also included chapters on team building, compensation, and benefits.

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