Teens Seek New Luxury Items for Back-to-School Wardrobes


Do you remember the days when a Trapper Keeper was a luxury item?

…when beepers were reserved for drug dealers and doctors?

…when parents created a back-to-school budget that didn’t include and handbag by Marc Jacobs?

Parents, I encourage you to think about why you’re working 70 hours/week at a job you hate and for a company with sketchy leaders.

  • Are you working for your retirement?
  • For a vacation?
  • For the basics?
  • Or are you working for your kid’s designer wardrobe?
  • To overcompensate for the childhood that you didn’t have?

I’m waiting for the moment in the workforce when employees say ENOUGH to consumerism and crass consumption. ENOUGH to Chanel and Stella McCartney. ENOUGH to spa days for young girls and expensive, tacky, sweet-sixteen birthday parties.

Your kids don’t deserve nice things. They deserve a little discipline, public education, and three squares a day. Maybe some pants…

…but socks are optional.

If your kids misbehave or don’t appreciate your sacrafice, I think it’s perfectly fine to tell your evil boss to shove it, quit your job, and cut back on the designer sneakers. If anyone should be wearing designer sneakers, it’s you.

CNN: Teens Seek Luxury Items for Back-to-School

Updated :: See Consumerist’s 10 Tips That Will Make Sure You’ll Stay Broke and check out #10. Thanks to The 3 R’s for the referral. It’s perfect!

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