Thanksgiving and Black Friday Horror Stories from Workers


I spent a few days in New York, this weekend. Many stores in Herald Square will be open on Thanksgiving, and I was so dispirited by the news. I understand that people will flood that area for the parade, but it seems weird to me that anyone would want to shop for crap on Thanksgiving. Obviously I’m totally old school. It’s unfortunate that Americans must consume copious amounts of turkey and Banana Republic scarves on a national holiday.

Want my advice? Skip the damn scarves and eat more mashed potatoes. It’s better for America.


I also feel sorry for the workers who are caught up in a cycle where they work for $8/hr, have no medical insurance, and feel compelled to work on a national holiday because it pays time-and-a-half. These employees are trying to make a buck; they are trying to improve their own financial situations; and they are participating in a cycle of consumption that ultimately works against their own best interests.

Oy. Capitalism.


As much as it may suck to work on Thanksgiving, it seems worse to get up early and work on Black Friday. We’re in the midst of a recession, unemployment rates are high, and someone will probably die at a store fighting over the last unit of DJ Hero: Jay-Z versus Eminem Renegade Edition Bundle with a turntable.

So here’s what I want to know.

  • Do you work in retail?
  • Are you in HR retail?
  • Have you worked on Thanksgiving or Black Friday?

Anything we should know about how crappy your job is? Can we do anything as consumers to make your job better? Should we just stay home, enjoy our families, and stop spending money over the Thanksgiving weekend?

Thanksgiving at the Trolls

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