That’s How Sue Sees It: Sonar6 and Michael Carden


Lately, one of the things that HR people have been talking to Sonar6 about — a lot — is this idea of moving from annualized performance reviews towards more continuous staff performance management. Performance happens daily, so performance management should too. Makes sense.


There’s one little issue. Continuous means every day. This means that managers will have to provide much more frequent feedback to staff, becoming genuine coaches rather than relying on the usual once a year conversation.

But when we started researching this, it seemed most managers were surprisingly ill-equipped to deal with this – meaning that HR, and HR systems, are going to have to help managers get better at it.

Which is where Sue Sylvester comes in (admittedly rather obliquely). We want to know what it takes to be a really great coach. Sue’s Cheerios win so many prizes that she must be good, right? But do her methods translate from fictional high school to real life business?

That’s where you could help us! We’re looking for some real life coaching dos and don’ts: like don’t talk all the time, do tell amusing anecdotes to put things in context, don’t start every sentence with “back in my day” … don’t fire confetti cannons too close to people…

We want your ideas; your simple ways for an everyday manager to become a great coach, every day. So comments please! Then we’re going to publish the best ideas in our award-winning color paper series (like this one:

All we can offer you is your name in the corner, but hey, it’s for the greater good. Manager-led coaching will be the difference between great organizations, and the rest. That’s how Sue sees it.

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