The Best Cities To Live In During A Recession


Consumerist has an awesome list.

I’ve laid off thousands of people. That’s not an understatement. Hundreds of those employees had other opportunities within the company — along with solid & gold-plated relocation packages — but would not move due to family reasons, personal reasons, or personal preferences.

My best HR advice? If someone wants to pay you to move and you like your job, you move. You move during the good times. You move during a recession. You move your parents. You move your kids. You move the dog. You find new doctors. You find a new dentist. You find good schools. You find the nearest Starbucks.

You can do it. You should do it.

Me? I’m moving to Raleigh, which is right next to Durham (a city on the list!). I’ll be fine. You? You really need to rethink your attachment to your town, your house, your yard, your garage, your neighborhood farmer’s market. Those things exist elsewhere. In fact, the farmer’s market might be better in a different town.




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