The Clinic Is Closed


I caught Scott Pelley’s report on the link between the recession and the budget cuts at a county hospital in Nevada. The county medical center closed their outpatient cancer clinic.

These aren’t just people dying from cancer. They are examples of how Americans misunderstand what it means to make a ‘profit’ in this country. We are willing to go into debt for certain things — war, defense, consumer products — but we are unwilling and unable to invest in basic human infrastructure like healthcare, education, housing, urban development, etc.

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We can’t succeed as a country when we are shutting down hospitals and denying medical care to the poor and the uninsured.

I believe that the biggest opportunity in the 21st century is the investment of capital into a new American framework. If we aren’t investing in our citizens and in our country, and if we aren’t willing to hold ourselves & our citizens accountable for making better personal & political choices, we are doing it all wrong.

I hope we get it right.

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