The Future of HR


I am moderating a panel, next week, at i4cp’s annual conference. My theme is ‘the future of HR’ because apparently I’m some kind of woman with a crystal ball.


I’m working on questions for my panelists and I’m not exactly sure where to go with this conversation. I need your help because I am the last session of the conference (of course) and I am trying to provoke them into saying something interesting about the future of Human Resources — but it’s tough on multiple levels because HR is boring and I am not sure it has a future.

Dudes, I’m falling asleep and it’s my own goddamn panel.

Here’s my thesis: the future of HR doesn’t exist. Companies are outsourcing most of HR and what remains is a messy, feelings-driven mix of culture and recruiting and talent management — with no ROI. I feel that HR should embed our responsibilities and activities within the operations of our organizations and move on. Go back to school. Become dental hygienists or school teachers.

And if one more person tells me that strategic thinking is the key differentiator for the future of HR, I’m going to throw up. Let’s not set the bar too low, okay? Strategic thinking is the key differentiator between someone who is alive and someone who accidentally drinks bleach.

Thank you, Darwin.

Do you have any bright ideas? What do you think about the future of HR? What would you ask a CHRO who is in the position of shaping the future of HR?

PS — The i4cp event isn’t a normal conference. Attendance is limited to members and vendors/consultants aren’t allowed — so I’m not trying to sell you a ticket. I would really like your input and I will live-tweet the event. Stay tuned for the moment when I meet Stephen Covey. If they let me anywhere near him, it will be epic.

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