The Ladders Is The Single Biggest Piece Of Crap


Let’s start out by stating the obvious.

People find jobs through job boards. That’s true. They do.

But people who earn more than $100,000/year rarely find a job through a job board. They find work through employee referrals, recruiters, networking, and corporate websites.

So when I see the new commercials for The Ladders, I want to puke on my shoes. We are at the end of a recession and millions of people are out of work.

  • If you are a recruiter or HR professional who cannot find talented workers without using a chump-ass job board like The Ladders — a site that monetizes both ends of the spectrum by charging HR to list the jobs already listed on your corporate website and charging job seekers to gain access to jobs that are out there on the internet — you are a lazy piece of crap and you don’t deserve to work in Human Resources or recruiting. Go get a job at the mall.
  • If you are a job seeker and you want to earn $100,000 or more, don’t throw good money after bad. If you are willing to spend some cash to find a job, skip The Ladders and invest in a great job coach or career advisor. You need someone who can help you optimize your search. Email me and I will give you the names of my friends who will help. Also, don’t be a dumbass.

And know this: the jobs on The Ladders can be found on sites like LinkUp, Monster, and freakin Craigslist.

Sometimes I just want to punch this industry in the face.

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