The One Thing That Kills Your Job Interview


You’re getting all kinds of interview advice out there. What to wear. What to say. How to format your resume.

There is one important reason why you keep bombing your interview.

It’s your bad breath.

There are moments when I’ve had to open my office door and turn my head when candidates talk.

Listen, I’m not judging. I can sympathize. I’m a woman who lives with digestive issues and heartburn. I always seem to have stomach acid in my throat. When I was in my 20s, I had recurring tonsillitis. I’m with you on this one. I’m on your team.

If you’ve gone to the dentist and ruled out gingivitis, you have a few options for your interview.

  • Brush your teeth before interviews — and rinse several times with cold water.
  • Work on controlling your blood sugar. Depending on your breath, I can tell which candidates are diabetic. Seriously.
  • Buy some Altoids or white Tic Tacs. Not green. White.
  • Use Listerine (although this can dry out your mouth and make things worse).
  • Drink water during your interview.

Seriously, the best option is to bring a water bottle. Drink. Don’t give some idiotic HR chick a reason not to hire you. Freshen up your breath and get the job… and then torment your new coworkers with your trench mouth. There’s a proper order to these things, peeps.

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