The Recession, Disabilities, and Unemployment


My good friends Gerry Crispin, Mark Mahler, and Dave Mendoza are committed to getting people back to work in a thoughtful and more efficient way. This means getting everyone back to work — including those members of our society with disabilities.

I think one of the most overlooked tragedies in the recession is the difficulty that disabled people face in securing meaningful employment. Hiring managers often make decisions based on instinct and personal prejudices — whether intentional or not — and the unemployment rate among disabled Americans has remained steady and high at 13.2%.

I would imagine the same is true in other western countries.

Gerry Crispin posed an interesting question to the HR and recruiting community.

Are Employers who are approached by jobseekers with requisite skills, experience and knowledge but who happen to have a disability, prepared to assess their ability (and not be distracted by their disability) given the decade long shift to digital protocols?’ To be succinct, “How prepared are you for jobseekers who happen to have a disability?

If you have a second, please fill out a survey to help Gerry, Mark, and Dave better understand where your organization stands on this issue.

Are you a Human Resources professional or recruiter who has made an attempt to reach out to jobseekers with disabilities? Are you a disabled worker who has awesome skills and has struggled to find a job? What’s your story? We would love to hear from you, today, because you have important thoughts to share.

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