The Research Goddess Teaches Me to Be Less Annoying


Amybeth Hale gave a great presentation at the Social Recruiting Summit on how to develop your personal brand and be less annoying.

I need help. Seriously. This session was great and fun.

Amybeth asked attendees to identify the people we want to reach, our objectives in reaching those people, the strategy we will use to leverage our personal brands, and the technology we’ll need to accomplish our goals.

Or that’s what I heard.

So here’s my list.

People I Want to Reach with Punk Rock HR

  • Job Seekers
  • Disaffected Employees
  • Happy Employees with smart ideas
  • HR and Recruiting Professionals

Objectives for my Personal Brand

  • Feed my inner praise monkey
  • Fuck shit up
  • Motivate other people
  • Fix broken hiring processes
  • Fix broken management/leadership models
  • Expose bad managers and companies
  • Fix work

The Strategy I’ll Use to Leverage My Personal Brand and Achieve My Objectives

  • Learn how to be strategic
  • Get a plan
  • Find an angel investor who doesn’t ask too many questions

Technology I Need

  • iPhone
  • iPad 3G
  • Community Manager (aka Lance Haun)
  • Virtual Intern to do my bidding

Those were my answers. I am pretty sure that I’m doing it wrong, but I really enjoyed the opportunity to sit next to Jennifer McClure and think about how my personal brand could be improved.

It might help if I took myself more seriously.

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