The Secret of Human Resources: You Have The Power


2hz7llf1Many readers of Punk Rock HR want to know my secrets so they can outsmart, outfox, and out game Human Resources.

Unemployment has skyrocketed, and I know you want a new and stable job in 2009. My candid response? The biggest secret is no secret at all. If you want a better employment arrangement, find a way to bypass Human Resources and make an impression on a hiring manager.

No matter how relevant Human Resources deems itself in an organization, we don’t make decisions. Your chances of landing a new job are the best when a manager knows you personally, has an opening in his department, and walks into the office of Human Resources and says, “I know I need to go through the motions of interviewing a shitload of people, but I really want to hire this guy.”

[This guy? That would be you.]

Instead of trying to outsmart Human Resources, try to find ways to avoid it. You are wasting your time when you try to outwit the personnel department. It’s like trying to find a way to outwit a toddler — you can do it, but it’s a pointless battle and usually ends with tears.

My best advice to job seekers? Make HR irrelevant in your search for a new role. When you can control something enough in your life to deem it irrelevant, you have the power.

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