The Stupidification of America


Here are some things I will no longer do…

…in no particular order.

  • I won’t remind you to brush your teeth before an interview. You should brush your teeth as part of life.
  • I won’t lecture you about the obesity crisis and tell you that exercise is good for you. Running long distances, in fact, can kill you.
  • I won’t remind you to bring your resume to an interview. Or to wear something that doesn’t make you look like a dork.
  • In fact, I will no longer tell you to dress appropriately. If you wonder what to wear to an event of any kind, google it.
  • It’s not my problem if I remind you that it is open enrollment and you forget or ignore it.
  • I don’t want to remind you to network and volunteer. If you haven’t learned those lessons during the recession, you’re obviously not paying attention.
  • I won’t listen to you tell me that you don’t know how to network when you really mean, “I don’t like to network.” Who the hell likes to network? Nobody. What are you? Special?
  • I won’t tell you to work for money. You can work for free if you want to. More budget for the rest of us with ideas and products that are worth something.
  • When you tell me that you need a job — any job — I won’t remind you that ‘any job‘ exists out there. You won’t believe me, anyway.
  • I won’t tell you to get out and vote. If I have to tell you, you shouldn’t be voting.

I could do this all day long. There are hundreds more.

What prompted this list? Well, I dunno. I’m just sick of the stupidification of this country and the assumed stupidity of job seekers & workers.

You’re not dumb. Stop confirming the rumors.

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