The Week Ahead


It’s Oscar Sunday. Hooray. I did my master cleanse and had a caviar facial so I can look good in my dress. Who am I wearing? You’ll just have to see on E! and TMZ.

I am working on my blog posts for the week. I have read some good books that I want to talk about — but I’m always too lazy to write book reviews. It sounds like a good idea but always turns into something boring & dull. I do want to make some videos, answer reader questions, and blog about the real stuff that we deal with in Human Resources. We’ll see what happens as I map out my week.

What’s up with you guys? Anyone get a merit increase of more than 3%? And bonuses are coming out in the next couple of weeks — for those of you who still get bonuses. Did you exceed expectations, this year? Happy with your bonus check?

I want someone out there to tell me, “Yeah, Laur. I made a lot of money for my company in 2010 and I’m being rewarded for it. More than fairly. My compensation package rocks.”

That would make my week!

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