The Week Ahead


Happy Sunday. What are you doing?

I’m working on my blog posts for the week. What am I writing about? Twilight. Just kidding. I have no idea. I have meetings throughout the week and I am way behind on my paid writing. Life is like that. It’s easier to mess around on the internet and blog than it is to do meaningful work.

Speaking of messing around on the internet, I killed the career of Theo/The HRD. We spoke in London, we were universally panned, and now he’s giving up his anonymous career as a blogger. Wow. I’m still killing dreams and laying people off without a real job in Human Resources. Awesome.

What’s up with you guys? Anyone newly laid off, this week? Are you sitting around & looking for something to do? You could finish painting the trim in my guest bathroom, clean up my yard and try to figure out where we should relocate the bird feeder, hook up the cable TV in my bonus room, or schedule the carpet cleaners.

Just some ideas for you, yo.

What’s on your honeydo list?

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