The Week Ahead


Dudes, this has been a nutty week. I flew to ERE Expo and had a great time. I met new people. I ate like a champ. I saw Lance Haun, Carmen Hudson, Sarah White, Jennifer McClure, Eric Winegardner, William Tincup, Amy Wilson, China Gorman, Joel Cheesman, Ed Newman, the peeps at The Ladders, Bret Starr, Steve Boese, David Manaster, Chris Hoyt, George LaRocque, John Sumser, Josh Schwede, Kat Drum, Shannon Seery Gude, Maren Hogan, Josh Akers, and so many other fun people. (Sorry to leave anyone out. Totally unintentional. I love you guys. xo)

And San Diego has a ton of homeless people. I cried when I saw their dogs.

Then I saw a young groupie — probably around the age of 18 — get off a tour bus at The Hard Rock Hotel and puke all over the sidewalk. It was like the exorcist. She puked on herself and her friends. My entire table got up and cheered her on… just like she had just scored a touchdown in the Rosebowl. Obviously my table was filled with sensitive, caring, Human Capital professionals.

And then I got stuck in Detroit on my way home from San Diego. I’ve been traveling for years and I should know that any flight delayed after 10PM is usually canceled. Unfortunately, I retained a shred of optimism and it bit me in the ass. Thankfully, my husband talked me off the ledge and I was able to secure a room at The Westin. I had clean socks from the Link Up booth at ERE Expo. The world didn’t end. I fell asleep listening to the BBC and heard a story about the LRA’s systematic rape and torture of women in Uganda. I was like, “Yeah, uh, I’ll shut up right now and thank baby Jesus for the Westin’s heavenly bed.”

I know how good my life is.

So that’s my update.

How was your week? Anything new? Any drama? What’s on your schedule for the week? I have a scheduled visit from Cols. She’ll be in town for a few days so shit is about to get REAL in North Cackalacky. You’ve been warned.

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