The Week Ahead


Hey, dudes. I am packing up my Hanes Her Way and heading off to Lafayette, Louisiana. Honest to god, you should be jealous. It’s the Paris of the south.

I am attending the 2011 Louisiana SHRM conference. My good friend, Mark Stelzner, is a keynote speaker. After all of these years, I’ve never seen him speak. It will be so fun. Bryan Wempen and William Tincup will be there, too. Most importantly, I get to chill with the ladies of LA SHRM — including Robin Schooling. What a great group of people.

And I just wrapped up a visit with Cols that was awesome. She has inspired me to write about so much — life, love, art — but I’m lazy so I’ll probably just write about HR stuff.

What’s on your agenda for the week? Anyone traveling anywhere interesting? Got any news?

I have some news. Sorta. Stay tuned.

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