The Week Ahead


It’s Sunday. I cannot believe it. Where did the weekend go?

What’s on your agenda for the week? Anything new and exciting? I’m in San Diego for a conference. It’s nice to work with clients. It’s nice to get paid. I am going to take that money and stimulate the economy in Las Vegas. Ken and I are scheduled for a quick trip. It’s always fun to go to Las Vegas with Ken because he is tall and he can see over the crowds. I just follow him and trust that he’s taking me to the bar or the Wheel of Fortune slots.

Do you have any spring break plans? Going anywhere fun? Are you doing a staycation? Having family over?

I should be spring cleaning instead of going on vacation — but if I’m not here, the house isn’t dirty. That’s how that works.

Hope you guys have a good week. Stick around this week for posts on Human Resources and career advice. (Really? Really? Yes, really.) And I’m still up in the air about my Friday posts. More on that later, yo.

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