The Week Ahead


Here we are, dudes. It’s Sunday. The worst day of the week because tomorrow is Monday and I still haven’t finished that science report. (Oh wait, I’m not in fourth grade. And here’s a shout out to all the moms who hate Sundays, too, because of all that unfinished science homework.)

Mother’s Day is weird for me. I wasn’t raised in a sweet & sugar-coated environment — but I was raised by a group of Amazons who taught me how to complain about being sick. So let me tell you that I had a cold all week and Ken was traveling. And I had a ton of writing to do. So this past week was crappy and I’m ready for a new week. I sat around and felt sorry for myself. Blew my nose about 10,000 times and wondered, “Why can’t Kleenex make a box of tissues as soft as Emma’s tummy?”

It was very pathetic.

This week will be better. More productive. Less snotty. I’m blogging about work, politics, and blogging.

What’s on tap for you? Anything new and exciting? Do you have a spring cold? Give me the deets.

And Happy Mother’s Day.

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