The Week Ahead


Holy crap, dudes. I have a busy week.

As you read this, I’m on a flight to NYC or the 2011 HCI Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference. I am attending as a blogger because Josh Schwede told me I needed to be there. Also, Josh’s employer (HireVue) just hired a new Chief Marketing Officer. I’ll get to meet him, too.

I will also have fun with Cols because I cannot go to NYC without seeing her.

On Tuesday I am doing a webinar on Social Media Marketing. For all of you HR peeps, the webinar is about helping vendors (and people with stuff to sell) reach you in a more effective (& less annoying) way. Believe me, you have my sympathy. You’re trying to sell me an ATS? NO I DON’T WANT TO CONNECT WITH YOU ON GOWALLA. Unless you’re hot. Then let’s connect.

Then I’m flying home on Wednesday and driving to Greensboro so I can kick off the 2011 NCACE Conference. What do I know about college recruiting? Dudes, I’ve hired graduates from Pivot Point Academy to ‘do hair’ and ‘test’ shampoos & conditioners in beauty labs (aka salons in the back of a shampoo factory). Don’t even get me started on college recruiting.

And then Thursday I will be listening to the 100th episode of HR Happy Hour. I am so excited for Steve & Shauna. It is a great milestone for a show that basically had no reason to succeed (a podcast about HR?) and succeeded anyway!

And one more thing — my husband starts a new job, this week. It took his old HR department over two years to acknowledge that they even knew of my blog (hello, ladies!) so we will see how long he can keep his personal brand separate from mine in this new role. (Hopefully forever.)

And what am I blogging about, this week? Pffffffffft. I have no clue.

What’s up with you guys, this week? Anything new and exciting?

Oh crap — one more thing. Remember my post on littering? It turns out that my first BFF in Raleigh, Ginny Skalski, feels the same way. She spent her own money and worked on an anti-littering campaign for our area. Check it out — it’s called 86it.

Ginny is all kinds of awesome and that’s an indisputable fact. I don’t see her enough. (Or at all, lately.) I’m glad she still likes me.

Now someone please tell me what’s going on…

Have a good week!

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